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Testing & Documentation

In a ten-acre area behind the shop, shotguns are fired and their performance evaluated using a target or pattern board or blocks placed on a three-acre lake. A four-foot square sheet of white paper is used to examine exact pattern coverage. And it is the testing of each gun, the firing and refiring, that distinguishes Heritage Gunsmiths’ work from that of other gunsmiths who, as Heritage Gunsmiths founder, Ken Eyster reiterated, “don’t even shoot the guns.”

To insure the performance optimization of existing quality shotgun barrels we have hundreds of reamers, cutters, gages, hones, laps, tools and devices, many custom designed. We use no automatic or production tooling, rather completing each operation with individual handwork and hand-operated machines to insure each barrel is correctly adapted to achieve the best performance with the shooter….

All barrel work completed at Heritage Gunsmiths, Inc. is carefully documented and archived for future retrieval if required. This dedication to quality sets Heritage Gunsmiths, Inc. aside from other gunsmithing shops.


Forcing Cone Test