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Heritage Gunsmiths manufactures custom gunstocks to meet the needs of the individual shooter. Each shooter has different requirements due to body type and shooting style, thus requiring individual attention in building his or her gunstock. Heritage starts with a model stock and builds it to fit the customer's specific dimensions by building the model with the customer present. Live shooting with the model assures the proper fit as well as point of impact.

Fitting: After properly fitting the model and assuring the appropriate point of impact, shooter comfort, and correct alignment, the model is then duplicated. Choice of wood for the project is endless and can be a blank of the customer's choice, or a choice of the stock maker's advisement for strength, durability, and uniformity.

Finish: After the stock is duplicated, the finishing touches are placed upon the stock. Final sanding, fitting, checkering and finishing are completed. At this time, we prefer the customer to once again shoot the gun to assure point of impact.

Pricing: Stocking prices include fit, finish, standard checkering, and recoil pad. Wood may be provided by the customer (subject to approval) or supplied by Heritage at additional cost.

We also offer a wide variety of accessories and products for the discriminating shooter and sportsman.